Bonita Alice, English Tutor
Stoke Newington, East London

English Teacher in Stoke Newington, Hackney, East London - WORK WITH ME TO CORRECT YOUR ENGLISH ENGLISH ONE TO ONE

My method is an effective but low-stress way to improve the English you use every day in your speaking and writing tasks. You're probably managing ok but you know you need to improve. My method is perfect for finding your errors and correcting them.

"Bonita is a great teacher. Very friendly and smart she can adapt the classes to your needs and help you in whatever English area you want to improve. I highly recommend her!"

Sonia, former student (architect)

"I very much recommend Bonita as an English tutor. I not only leant a great deal from her, but she made leaning English grammer interesting. Bonita was a supportive tutor and tailored our lessons to meet my individual needs, interests and pace. She gave me some fasinating bespoke assignments to work on, which she had carefully thought out and were interesting as well as informative."

Sophie, former student (copywriter)

One-to-one classes mean we can plan lessons together around the parts of the language on which you most need to focus
right now.

2019 feels like a good year to learn English!!
OR to improve the English you already speak.

Are you one of Hackney's many BILINGUALS? - those fortunate enough to speak English as a second language with another one (or more) other languages they speak fluently.

Students who already speak quite good English often talk about

"I think my friends and colleagues at work are too polite to correct me!" Sandra, former student

Many people speak English well enough to live and work in London but know that they need to improve. Let me work with you to correct the problems you're making every day, and also expand your vocabulary.

“I have great respect for anyone taking on language classes
as an adult, and I teach with that in mind.”

Bonita, East London

My students learning English in Stoke Newington, East London are ..

  • people who want to grow the English language skills they already have, to improve their working and social lives.


  • those who need a teacher for more intensive classes during shorter stays in the city

  • college or university students who want extra help with academic courses

  • "Bonita's lessons have helped me very much.
    She focused on what I needed most at the time
    and it really made a difference."
    Carla, former student

    "I had twice-weekly one-to-one English classes with Bonita, since I was a beginner. It has been very useful, efficient and serious
    and at the same time pleasant, lively and not boring at all. Bonita is very patient, attentive, and much involved in the lessons she
    provides. She has a very personal approach and each lesson was given for my specific needs and demands. All aspects of english
    were broached : vocabulary, grammar but also phonetics and pronunciation. So I feel much more confident now, even if I need
    to go on learning and improve. Thank you Bonita ! "
    Guy, former student

    "Even if I was an intermediate level english speaker, Bonita's lessons have been very helpful, because she met my specific needs
    and weaknesses. She asked me which point in particular I wanted to study or revise. Moreover, she provided advice to improve
    my english skills by myself, such as free internet websites or videos, television or BBC programs and series. She lent to me for free
    easy-to-read little books, which was very interesting and profitable."
    Isabelle, former student

    Learn to Speak English via individually designed lessons in Hackney, in trendy East London, or stay at your desk and I'll come to you.

    "The advantage of taking private lessons is that,
    if you have studied English before, there's no risk you'll end up using the same material
    and making no progress. Repetition can be boring and demotivating. I will design the lessons specifically to your needs as we go along."

    Bonita, East London

    Each lesson will be used to plan future lessons, based on what your most common and immediate difficulties are. The sooner you can find the words and phrases you need when speaking English in your everyday life, the more you will want to speak, and this is the very best way to learn any language.

    "It's a good idea to start speaking a new language correctly.
    Learning good habits is easier than trying to unlearn bad habits later!" Bonita

    I will invite you to tell me what you find most difficult when speaking English and I'll find ways to help you to practice and remember. But I'll also be listening carefully to help you identify the words you'd find valuable, to improve your pronunciation so you can learn to enjoy speaking to others rather than avoiding it.

    London is wonderfully international and many people are learning to speak English. If you try to speak to others they will usually be happy to help and won't mind your mistakes at all!

    I encourage my students to use what they've just learned in our classes as soon as possible. It's the best way to remember it. Learning the basics of a language - grammar, verb forms, vocabulary, etc - can feel like hard work, but only until it becomes part of your everyday usage.

    You'll find that, once you're learning in a friendly atmosphere, receiving clear instructions in lessons designed especially for you, you'll quite quickly feel more confident and will find yourself talking English all day because it feels really good to speak a new language.

    Please do call me if you have any questions. I'd be happy to suggest the best way for you to get the English tuition you're looking for, with no obligation to commit to a class until the time is right for you.

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